About Daybreak Partners

We partner with entrepreneurs to help turn their vision into a successful company. We are primarily focused on the intersection of healthcare and technology.

We invest across stages, from inception through micro-cap public and from a permanent capital vehicle. This allows us to be supportive partners along the journey, helping entrepreneurs realize their vision.

We welcome the opportunity to begin a dialogue with entrepreneurs who seek experienced partners. For more information, please contact us.

Our Why

Partnering with entrepreneurs and helping them bring forward products and services that help people is what motivates us.

The entrepreneurs we support and the beneficiaries of their products and services drive every decision we make.

This is one of the reasons why we are focused at the intersection of healthcare and technology. We find and support passionate entrepreneurs leveraging emerging technologies to improve the lives of significant numbers of people.

Finally, we believe that if we are appropriately aligned with our partners and they create scalable useful products, we will achieve good financial returns which we can then reinvest in partnership with additional passionate entrepreneurs.